Chinese herbal tea to help calm stress

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With the release of our digestive tea, the next tea we’ll be releasing is a Stress calming tea. It’s a little different than the other “stress” teas you’ve probably seen, as it works a bit more gently. My daughter likes the tea as well, calling it her “Smart Tea”. It helps her relax enough to get her homework done. Shih-Tien calls it her “Me time” tea too.

Mei Gui Hua, Go Qi Zi and Bai Shao herbal tea.

This tea contains the bud of Chinese rose (玫瑰花 – Méi Guī Huā), wolfberries (枸杞子 – Gǒu Qǐ Zǐ), and white Peony root (白芍 – Bái Sháo). Traditionally, this type of tea would be used for pre/menstrual issues such as cramping, pain, and symptoms of blood loss. However, it can also be used to help with hypochondriac pain and distention for stress.

In Chinese medicine, we believe that stress affects the Liver. The Liver, in terms of function in Traditional Chinese Medicine, serves as the General of the body. In other words, it keeps things moving in good order. If there is stagnation in the body, usually caused by stressful situations and anger, it starts leading to other issues in the body. The herbs in this tea help to soothe the Liver, clear the stagnation, manage pain, and help get things moving again. While not as strong as the famous formula “Rambling Powder “(逍遥散 – Xiāo Yáo Sǎn ) in relieving stress, it is a lot more gentle on the body and more suited to long-term usage.

As with most herbs, do not take while pregnant. White Peony root may interact and strengthen diabetic, anticoagulant, and sedative medications, so speak to your physician if you have health concerns.

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