Root within the Wind : TaiJi Push Hands

Root within the Wind : TaiJi Push Hands

Taiji Push Hands is often a forgotten or misunderstood when progressing to the next level of Tai Chi practice.

Taiji Push Hands, or Tui Shou, is a series of exercises to help you gain more balance, rooting ability, and martial sensitivity when placed with a partner. It is used to build upon the basics of the TaiJi Quan form, where everything you learned is now tested against someone else. It’s difficult to know how good your form posture is until someone tries to push you out of it.

This book will introduce you to basic Taiji Push Hands theory and simple (yet fun) exercises you can do with a partner. You will learn how to Stick, Adhere, and Follow, as well as how to Yield against incoming force from a push or strike. It also has information on how to practice Push Hands with the Taiji Jian (straight sword) and Dao (broadsword). Best of all, these exercises can be used to improve on any Taiji Quan or any Martial arts style.

Genres: Martial Arts, Tai Chi
Tags: Martial Arts, Push Hands, Tai Chi
ISBN: 1546618368
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About the Author
Robert Wulforst

Rob Wulforst is a licensed Acupuncturist and Acupuncture Physician in New York and Florida. He began studying Tai Chi and Praying Mantis kung fu in Palm Beach, Florida while attending Florida Atlantic University back in 1997. A graduate of the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, he has been interested in how martial arts and TCM intertwine with each other.

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