Chinese Herbal Tea : Simple recipes for everyday wellness

Chinese Herbal Tea : Simple recipes for everyday wellness

Learn about Chinese herbal tea and how a simple change could help with your everyday wellness

There is a saying that “Food is Medicine”. Nutrients from food are essential to help fight off disease when we’re sick and prevent it when we’re not. If we eat well, we feel well. If we eat badly, we feel bad. While the saying food and medicine have the same origin, they both have different usages. Chinese herbal tea has been used for centuries as both a relaxing drink and as medicine for preventing and treating illnesses. Tea, as we know it, and the herbs we use with the tea, can be found in your local grocery or Asian market and easily prepared at home.
This book will introduce you to the theory of using herbal teas and the properties of several common Chinese herbs, teas, and fruits. Also included are more than 20 recipes that are traditionally used to help with prevention and wellness. Lastly, once you get the idea of how everything works, you’ll find instructions on how to build your own special herbal tea!

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Robert Wulforst

Rob Wulforst is a licensed Acupuncturist and Acupuncture Physician in New York and Florida. He began studying Tai Chi and Praying Mantis kung fu in Palm Beach, Florida while attending Florida Atlantic University back in 1997. A graduate of the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, he has been interested in how martial arts and TCM intertwine with each other.

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